The territory of Cirò is, for surface and history, the most important wine-growing reality in Calabria. Vines are grown in this area since the time of the ancient Greek colonies. In fact, the place where the vineyards are cultivated today, once stood Krimisa. At the fall of the Roman Empire the vineyards were abandoned, the return of viticulture in the territory of Cirò reappears only after 550 AC, when Justinian reconquered these lands from the Visigoth domain. After that, the Basilian Fathers and people of Armenian origin gave a new drive to the wine production. In that period was founded of Ypsicron, nowadays Cirò. In the following centuries the population selected the grape varieties that suited better the terroir. One of these varieties is the Gaglioppo, which is the main grape variety of the historic production zone of Cirò DOC.
The territory of Cirò is the one that characterizes the Ionian coast of Calabria: narrow strips of flat land ending on beaches. Behind this flat area, hilly lands are crossed by rivers. It is precisely in that area that the best vineyards are located, must of them are bush trained.