When I was asked which symbol represents better our estate and our work, the first thing that came into my mind was “L’ Arciglione” an ancient pruning tool used by the winegrowers of Cirò.
The object that you see in the picture belonged to my grandfather Cataldo. This tool represents more than anything the centuries-old Cirò viticulture tradition, a symbol of the expertise of local farmers that used this tool with great skill.
The Archilione is the keystone of the concept of “terroir” which is the sum of the land, the climate, the vines and the hand of the man, his work, responsibility and sensitivity towards the environment around him.
I am still fascinated when I see an elderly pruner at work. Every vineyard is treated depending on the climate and the wine to be obtained. That is exactly the way I imagine my wine: from the vineyard to the cellar: the work at the cellar is the direct result of a daily work practiced in the vineyard.